Before surgery

Preoperative Instructions

  • You should be both mentally and physically prepared for the Surgery. Eat healthy and do moderate exercise. You should not have a cold, fever or menstruation on the day of Surgery.
  • In addition to other harmful effects, smoking causes wound healing problems. In particular, smoking lowers the resistance of the nose, throat and lungs to bacterial infections and increases the risk of complications. It is recommended to give up tobacco products at least two months before the planned Surgery.
  • At least 24 hours must have passed since the last alcohol consumption on the morning of the day of the Surgery. Alcohol can have dangerous interactions with medications prescribed.
  • The stomach must be empty at the time of (general) anaesthesia. Do not eat at least six hours and drink at least four hours before the Surgery. Chewing gum increases the volume of gastric secretions and is therefore prohibited for at least two hours before the Surgery.
  • Wash your head the night before Surgery. Do not use hair dye, hair spray or other hair products after washing. Makeup, perfume and face cream should not be used on the day of Surgery. Two or three weeks must have passed since facial cleansing performed by a beautician.
  • When coming to the treatment centre, wear clothes that button up instead of those that go over the head. Appropriate items of clothing (hood, hat, scarf) and sunglasses can be used to cover your bandages, bruising and swelling when going home.
  • Bring personal care items, taking into account the need to spend one night in the hospital.
  • Remove your watch, rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces before the Surgery. Put them in your bag to avoid losing them.
  • Ask a relative, a friend or someone you trust to drive you home instead of taking a taxi. If you are unable to spend the postoperative night in Tallinn, you must inform the Treating Physician so that we can arrange postoperative follow-up differently than usual.
  • Tell the Treating Physician immediately if you are unable to undergo Surgery due to health problems or other reasons.