Revision operations

The final result of rhinoplasty depends not only on the surgical technique but also on the healing process. The final formation of the scar may take more than a year, and during this time aesthetic defects may appear that require repeat operation, as decided by the doctor and the patient. Approximately 10-15% of rhinoplasty patients require some form of repeat operation.


  • Residual defects
  • Undesirable deformation, e.g. the tip of the nose pointing upwards too much, having an uneven nasal ridge
  • Changes due to the scarring process
  • Curvature, asymmetry
  • Obstruction to nasal breathing
  • Prior plan to have surgery in two stages

In most cases, the extent of repeat operations is small and limited to repairing isolated defects. In more severe cases, however, repeat rhinoplasty can be significantly more extensive than the initial operation. For a successful repeat operation, it may be necessary to transplant cartilage to the nose. For this purpose, cartilage is taken either from the auricle or ribs.

If you are unhappy with the result of a previous rhinoplasty, please book an appointment so that we can find a solution to your problem together.